In the short time I've been supplying rentals for weddings I have noticed changes and trends. Elaborate dessert bars with multiple desserts have been popular and I've noticed a new variation. Just recently, brides have been asking me for cake stands for a small cake at each guest table. The idea is that it will be a bonding experience: cutting the cake at the table, passing the plates and serving your tablemates. Sometimes the cakes are the same at every table, sometimes there is a different cake and baker for each. Sometimes the baker makes all of them, and sometimes the couple asks family members and friends to bake their favorite cake. Like a dessert potluck. I had pies at my own wedding from Hoosier Mama Pies, and I was so happy when our best man and my grandmother brought homemade pies as well. I was thinking about this idea when I was asked by an editor to do a mini-forecast for 2014 wedding trends.

One thing that's great about sharing the studio with graphic designer with lots of ideas is that I can float an idea and then she just whips something up--there you go: collaboration. With this one-cake-per-table idea, she designed an escort card for a fall wedding or party where each guest gets to take home a recipe card with their table's dessert. Sarah Drake and I enlisted the help of Julia Franzosa to shoot it and helps us style our table. I picked up some rich dahlias that from Heidi of Field & Florist grew locally and found a recipe for a German bread-yeast cake topped with almonds from Deb Perelman's Smitten Kitchen. Follow the link for Deb's photos and full recipe--it's a really sweet story. There's a custard filling that we ate on the side.