Something is Different

I love to travel. I can recall those days easier than others because my mind is awake to differences. The pine smell in the air, the way the water tastes different than at home, the light, the size of the clouds, the way people walk down the street. Nothing is pedestrian on those days; it's all different. I'm a practical person, and I know some familiar things just work. Still, we have some choices.

Having a wedding and inviting friends and family is like a trip (and often it really is a trip for them). It's exciting to show up at a new place and feel like it actually is different than back home. Even small things can make that difference.


photo by Lisa Beth Anderson, Spark + TumbleI also love to see people come up with new ways of doing things. Little tent placecards are fine, they work, but it doesn't have to be the only way to show people how to find their table. Or take the signs that hold the table numbers. You could use the same chrome stand with a ring at top that they use in restaurants--it works, it's familiar. But if you were to use something else people might take notice, might feel like they're somewhere different, might be lightly jostled out of the familiar.

I've gathered some photos on Pinterest of people doing things a little differently. Still practical (no heavy things perched precariously on top of ladders), but small changes to the details that made me take notice.

place cards, table numbers & small signs